Where is the Shared Housing Program located?
Shared housing is located on the campus of the Masonic Home at Covina, outside of Los Angeles.

What are some of the benefits of the Shared Housing Program?

  • Many older adults feel isolated living at home, particularly if they are single. The Shared Housing Program offers a built-in social support system, which can improve overall wellness.
  • The Shared Housing Program is an economical housing option, supporting clients’ financial independence and reducing the use of charitable support.
  • The Covina campus location is beautiful, safe, and filled with opportunities to socialize with fellow Masonic family members and Destiny Lodge.
  • Experiencing campus life can provide a seamless transition to navigating assisted living in the future.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Shared Housing Program?
As the Shared Housing Program is an MSOS program, you must meet all MSOS eligibility requirements, as well as a few additional conditions to ensure all tenants’ safety. You must:

  • Demonstrate membership as a California Master Mason in good standing last five or more consecutive years, or the wife, widow, or mother (in extraordinary circumstances) of such a member.
  • Show clear financial need, despite already receiving all community, state, and federal benefits to which you are entitled.
  • Be 62 years of age or older and capable of living independently.
  • Demonstrate the ability to live harmoniously with others.
  • Complete and pass a background check, including fingerprint screening. 

How can I apply for the Shared Housing Program?
If you are an existing MSOS client, please speak with your care manager for more information. If you are not currently an MSOS client, you may apply by contacting Masonic Assistance at (888) 466-3642.

What is the application process like?
Applicants must be MSOS clients, ideally for 1-3 months, prior to applying for the Shared Housing Program. This allows clients to fully understand the MSOS program, build a rapport with their care manager, and thoughtfully consider whether the Shared Housing Program would be a good fit for their lifestyle needs. Once a client is approved for the Shared Housing Program, the move will take as long as needed to ensure a smooth transition.

What is the complete list of amenities included in the Shared Housing Program?

  • Dedicated individual care manager
  • Private bedroom and bathroom suites (some with sitting areas)
  • Large shared living room with television
  • Common kitchens with new appliances and cooking utensils
  • Furnished patio area
  • Common laundry
  • Weekly housekeeping in common areas
  • On-call maintenance services
  • All utilities (gas, electric, water, and trash)
  • Basic cable TV
  • On-site parking
  • Opportunity to participate in some campus-wide events

Is the Shared Housing Program free?
No, Shared Housing Program clients are responsible for a Program Service Fee, which is comprehensive and highly affordable to seniors living on a fixed income.  Your case manager will provide you with the current Shared Housing Program fee prior to processing your application.

I’m a client of Masonic Senior Outreach Services, but I’m not retired. Am I eligible?
Yes! Clients who are still working are welcome to apply for the Shared Housing Program, provided they meet financial eligibility requirements.

I am currently in assisted living. Am I eligible for the Shared Housing Program?
No, unfortunately all shared housing clients must be able to live independently.

How big are the Shared Housing Program houses?

Each home offers seven private units, consisting of four suites and three studios, each with its own private bathroom.  Common areas include a kitchen, dining area, living room, patio, and laundry facilities.


I am married. Will my wife and I be able to move into shared housing together?
Yes, married couples will share a private bedroom and bathroom. Some units have sitting rooms as well.


How often do Shared Housing Program housemates interact with each other?
Shared Housing clients are encouraged to build strong bonds with their fellow housemates. Housemates are encouraged to create meaningful programming in their homes with help from the MSOS care manager.  Activities will be diverse and aimed at fostering strong and positive group dynamics, in addition to personal growth.


Are shared housing bedrooms and living areas furnished?
All communal living areas (living rooms, sitting rooms, kitchens, patios, and dining rooms) are fully furnished. Private bedroom suites are not furnished. If you require assistance with purchasing bedroom furniture, please consult with your case manager.


Are Shared Housing clients considered residents of the Masonic Home?
No. Even though the Shared Housing Program is located on the Masonic Homes campus, Shared Housing clients are not considered residents of the Masonic Homes. Should you wish to move into one of our Masonic Homes while living in shared housing, you would complete the regular application process.


Can I bring my dog, cat, or other small pet to the Shared Housing Program?
Maybe. Some – but not all – shared housing opportunities will offer clients the opportunity to bring one small pet. Pet owners must follow specific program rules and pay a monthly pet fee. Contact MOS to learn about current availability.


Are Shared Housing Program clients required to follow any particular rules or protocol?
Yes, to ensure safety of all clients, campus residents, and staff, all Shared Housing Program clients will be required to follow all rules and guidelines outlined in the Shared Housing Program Handbook and Program Agreement.