5 Ways to Choose Happiness

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Research has revealed that only 10 percent of our happiness is due to our surroundings. This is great news because it means that 90 percent is determined by our attitude. We all have the ability to make our homes and workplaces more cheerful environments.

But how do we grow our own happiness and positivity? Just like everything else – practice, practice, practice. That’s why at Atria, we’ve incorporated simple exercises to help employees get into the happiness habit throughout the week. Through Monday-Maker, Trade a Smile Tuesday, Wow Moment Wednesday, Thankful Thursday and Fun Friday activities, employees learn ways to improve their well-being and bring more joy to their lives and the lives of the people around them.

Here are five ways to help boost your mood.


Think thankfully

Gratitude is key to happiness. Pinpoint the positives in your life and you’ll start seeing goodness around you that you didn’t even know was there. Think of three things for which you are thankful. Share them with a friend, family member or coworker, and encourage them to share three things as well.

Smile for a while

The simple act of smiling sends signals to your brain that actually make you happier. Plus, you’ll give other people the right to grin in the process. Whenever somebody smiles at you, smile back and make a conscious effort to hold onto that grin until you walk past another person.

Have some fun

Play has a serious impact on our frame of mind. Add laughter whenever possible, and exercise your creativity and imagination throughout the day. Here are a couple of ways you could pencil in a little fun on your to-do list: Pop some popcorn and spend a half-hour laughing at your favorite sitcom or invite friends over for an evening of board games.

Talk about the good stuff

Gossip positively. Spread the word about an amazing job your coworker is doing. Share some wisdom you’ve learned from a family member with a friend. Telling someone about a positive experience allows you to relive those happy feelings all over again, and can make them smile, too.

Make someone’s day

Giving brings more happiness than receive. Let the people around you know how much you appreciate them. Surprise a friend in a kind way. Give a coworker a compliment. Thank a salesperson for a job well done.


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