“With my family gone, I thought I had nobody. But the Masons were there to help.”

“Thanks to Masonic Senior Outreach Services, my mother’s life was rich and joyful.”

We all deserve to age safely, in the places and ways that matter most to us. For many, this means aging at home.

In recent decades, a growing number of elders have made this choice, including many in our fraternal family. To support them, the California Masons created Masonic Senior Outreach Services (MSOS) in the early 2000s. Through our home- and community-based services, we assist fraternal family members age 60+ with aging at home or in a retirement community in their local area.

We offer case management services and financial assistance to elder fraternal family throughout the United States; and expertise, guidance, and support to seniors. We connect clients with the resources they need to stay safe and independent.

We are moved every day by the trust that our clients put in us. We are proud to share their stories here.

Services Offered

Masonic family members ages 60+ can access a variety of resources to address their unique needs:

  • Information and referral services
    There are typically a wide variety of resources available for seniors right in your own community. Specially trained staff at Masonic Senior Outreach Services can help you identify and connect with them – from home care and transportation to senior programs and veterans’ benefits.
  • Care management
    When an elder fraternal family member faces declining health, isolation, loss of a spouse, or other challenges, Masonic Senior Outreach Services can provide ongoing support. Through a regular schedule of visits and telephone contact, our care managers help navigate health and financial matters, and advocate for important services and benefits. We can also reestablish contact between the fraternal family member and his home lodge, a powerful support network. Please note that care management is need-based.
  • Financial assistance
    Masonic Senior Outreach Services offers financial support for eligible Masons age 60+ and their wives, widows, or mothers. This assistance ensures that elder fraternal family can age with dignity and confidence, knowing that all their basic needs will be met. Support is need-based, flexible, and ongoing.
  • Shared Housing Program
    Independent MSOS clients ages 62 plus may be eligible for our Shared Housing Program. Located on the campus of the Covina Masonic Home, beautiful, newly renovated homes include private bedroom and bathroom suites, as well as fully furnished common areas. Suitable for individuals and married couples who are interested in a community-minded living environment. Learn more.

Eligibility and Fees

Eligibility for MSOS varies depending on the types of services needed. Most services are provided with no charge.  Learn more about eligibility and fees.

Get Started with MSOS

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To request assistance from MSOS, call (888) 466-3642 or complete our request for information form.

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