Masonic Family Outreach Services (MFOS) exists so that no fraternal family has to go through tough times alone. With one phone call, it becomes our mission to help you and your loved ones.

We created the MFOS program in 2009. In the midst of the recession, many fraternal families were confronted with job loss and foreclosure on top of other challenges. The fraternity has a long history of stepping in to help families in such moments of crisis, and we created MFOS as a modern extension of this relief – offering expertise and resources to guide families through sensitive situations.

“Masonic Outreach is like another family to you.”

“Nothing in the world could compare to what Masonic Outreach has done for us.”

Today MFOS continues to offer compassionate, individualized support to California Masons under age 60, and their loved ones. No matter what life challenge you are facing, from job loss to identifying resources for a special needs child, we are here to offer knowledge and support.

We are moved every day by the trust that our clients place in us. Here, we are proud to share Joe’s story.

Services Offered

  • Masonic family members can access a variety of resources to address their particular needs:

    • Information and referral services
      Masonic Family Outreach Services can recommend helpful services and resources right in your own community, including legal aid, employment support, programs for special needs children, food stamps and other public assistance, and support for economic issues, such as foreclosure.
    • Care management
      For families who require additional support, Masonic Family Outreach Services care managers can provide ongoing care management for as long as needed. We work with you to develop a care plan that is flexible and specific to your situation, including home visits and hands-on help connecting to local resources.
    • Financial assistance
      In certain situations, Masonic Family Outreach Services can provide one-time financial support for eligible Masons and their wife or widow. This support is offered as a bridge to self-sufficiency, and as part of a larger care plan.

Eligibility and Fees

Eligibility for MFOS varies depending on the types of services needed. Most services are provided with no charge. Learn more about eligibility and fees.

Get Started with MSOS

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Learn more about getting started with Masonic Assistance to help you understand what information will be required during your initial call and what to expect.

To request assistance from MFOS, call (888) 466-3642 or complete our request for information form.

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