“As a lodge, it’s our job to connect MOS with fraternal family members who need help.”

When Masonic family members are struggling, their lodge is often the first to know. That’s why Masonic Outreach Services (MOS) offers tools and resources to make lodge outreach easier and more effective. We are available for in-person trainings and to provide professional advice when you need it. We can help you navigate sensitive matters, find the solution to difficult situations, and connect with information and resources. We are here to work side by side with you to keep fraternal family members safe.

Brothers who get involved in outreach often find a powerful sense of fulfillment. In someone’s darkest moments, they are able to offer not only fellowship and compassion, but the vast resources of MOS. In addition to living the tenets of Masonry, they directly impact the lives of fraternal family in meaningful, even life-saving ways.

  • Learn about the Lodge Outreach Program, a partnership that connects volunteer Masons in each division with MOS staff to provide tools and training for member outreach.
  • Contact Masonic Assistance to request help for a member in need, professional advice, in-person training, or a presentation at your lodge.