For generations, fraternal families have counted on the Masonic Homes of California for help when there was no place else to turn. Today that means senior care, trusted support for families, and therapeutic services for children. These critical services are the embodiment of our fraternal obligation to lift up brothers in need.

All of our programs are funded by the charitable donations of California Masons. Your gift helps our elders age safely and with dignity. Your gift extends relief to families in the most trying of times. Your gift helps ensure that children will have the support they need for a bright future.

Please show vulnerable brothers, widows, and children that they can continue to count on the Masonic Homes for critical relief when they need it most. You are the first step in improving thousands of lives each year. Please give.

Masonic Home at Covina


Denise Avila
Senior Manager
(415) 292-9117

The Masonic Homes occasionally accepts donations of clothing, technology, and other materials. Please contact us for more information.

A legacy gift can help you achieve your personal, financial, and estate planning goals, while supporting the charitable Masonic causes that matter to you most.