A Token of Our Affection

When brothers take their third-degree obligation, they take an oath to provide relief for their brethren and their wives, widows, and orphans. This can be a life-changing, and, in some cases, life-saving act. And now, thanks to Masonic Outreach Services, this pledge can be commemorated with a special lodge ceremony and the presentation of a Masonic Homes of California lapel pin.

This pin reminds brothers that the Masonic Homes of California is always here in times of need—and that it’s an important way they can provide the relief to brethren and their families. Larry Adamson, chairman of the Masonic Homes of California Board of Trustees, witnessed a recent pin presentation at Sunset Lodge in Santa Monica. “The ceremony was so well done and meant a great deal to our new brother,” Adamson says. “It reinforces our obligation to care for one another. It’s a nice connection to our wonderful Masonic Homes that do so much for our membership.” The Masonic Homes Pin program has been rolled out through the MOS Lodge Outreach Program to all of Southern California and will be coming to divisions 1, 2 and 4 next.

To find out how your lodge can participate in this special pin ceremony, contact Masonic Outreach Services at (888) 466-3642.

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