Masonic Homes Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Last week, Masonic Homes of California residents and staff at both the Union City and Covina campus were excited to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. They had been eagerly awaiting their turn to receive their Pfizer vaccine and the week prior was busy with vaccine education, filling out Vaccine Administration Records, and finally, walking through the campus with Walgreens representatives to determine the most efficient and safe way to administer over 500 vaccines over a two day period.

The residents in the skilled nursing facilities were the first to receive the vaccine. Applause and laughter filled the halls as each resident and staff member was vaccinated. “You would think we had a million dollars right now,” said Executive Director Soledad Martinez.

Gary Charland, president and CEO of the Masonic Homes of California said, “I am so thankful that this day has come for our residents and staff, and incredibly grateful to all the people who have helped us get the vaccine. Our staff have done a heroic job of keeping our campus and residents as safe as possible, and this is the next step in protecting both residents and staff from this horrible virus that has already taken the lives of so many.”

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