Mindful Recovery

Finding the Best Rehabilitative Care for You

If you or a loved one is seeking a post-surgery rehabilitation provider, there are many criteria to consider for optimal healing. Make sure the hospital is aware of your first-choice rehabilitation facility, but provide at least one backup choice as well. No matter what, you want quality care that you feel confident in.

Certification and rating: Be sure the facility is government certified, as this means it meets federal standards, as well as local and state regulations. You can seek out homes that have five-star ratings, which tend to offer high-quality amenities and care. However, the rating system alone doesn’t determine the best fit for you, so consider other aspects of care as well.

Types of therapy: Most quality providers have registered nurses and physical, occupational, and speech therapists on staff. Find out if the facility offers the type of therapy you need.

Experience and training: Make sure the staff has relevant experience, such as physical therapists trained to work with your particular post-surgical needs. Facilities should be able to provide you with information about staff qualifications and expertise.

Protocol: The staff should provide a clear protocol regarding how to get you on the road to recovery.

Cleanliness: Verify that the rooms and public spaces are maintained in a way that meets your expectations so you feel at ease while recovering.

Nearby accomodations: Find out if there are accommodations close by for friends and family who want to visit you.

Social and solo time: Find out if the facility provides private rooms, as well as spaces designated for socializing. Having choices goes a long way.

Amenities: Research what types of amenities the rooms have, such as television, Wi-Fi, and other features that might make your stay more pleasant.

Food and exercise: Verify that there are plenty of heart-healthy options and foods that meet your dietary needs. Does the facility have a gym, swimming pool, and places to walk? Exercise is often key to rehabilitation.

Ultimately, you want to find a post-surgical rehabilitation provider that has reputable skilled nursing care, amenities for convenience, and a relaxing environment for healing and well-being. Ask people who know your needs—including your friends, family, and doctor—for recommendations. If possible, visit a few facilities yourself so that you can mindfully choose the best fit for you.

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