New Year, New You

This new year, celebrate the season by striving for a healthier, more active lifestyle


As many people can attest, New Year’s resolutions come and go: What may seem like an achievable goal while we’re nestled around a fireplace in December may become daunting as the spring and summer stretch by. But don’t be discouraged if this sounds familiar; you may just need to adjust your approach.

Many times, we fail at pursuing new activities not because we’re unable to perform them, but rather because the idea of leaving our comfort zones can seem daunting. And yet, experiences that require pushing ourselves to try something new can be some of the most rewarding. Ready to take the leap? Try these tips to get started.

  1. Daydream about and record your wishes. Have you ever wished that you could speak another language, learn all your local bird varieties, or be able to choose the correct type of wine to pair with your meal? Most skills are attainable, either through local continuing education classes, researching online or at your local library, or by joining a meet-up group. Define your wishes, and then determine the next steps.
  2. Say ‘yes’ more often. Everyone receives invitations that don’t sound particularly attractive. Yet by taking a chance and attending an event that isn’t “your scene,” you may spark a new area of interest in the process. Think of every invitation as an open door.
  3. Find strength in numbers. If you feel too shy to attend a class or workshop in your neighborhood or community, ask a friend or loved one to attend alongside you. Sometimes including one person with whom you feel comfortable on your journey can make it easier for you to get started – and it will also give you an opportunity to spend time with someone important.
  4. Add “yet” to the end of any statement beginning “I can’t…” Changing the phrase “I can’t play guitar” to “I can’t play guitar yet” implies that learning to play guitar is possible, both to the person with whom you’re speaking and to yourself. Just because you can’t play now doesn’t you won’t ever learn. Don’t psych yourself out by creating a narrative that doesn’t reflect your goals.

The New Year is a time of renewal and growth – and nowhere is that more important than in our internal dialogues with ourselves. Learning and living well is both possible and important at every age. So, don’t wait: Get started today! 2020 is a great opportunity to live life to your full potential.Fine Dining, Great Company RCFE # 015601302 PCOA #246 See for yourself what Acacia Creek has to offer: Fine dining, gracious living spaces, and fun people. Explore our community and its amenities, and meet residents during a tour. Schedule your visit at: (510) 441-3740 | | Live the dream at Acacia Creek

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