Home for the Holidays Week 2: Gather Up Greetings!

The holidays are a time to come together with friends and loved ones. Obviously, this year, that’s a little more complicated, as cases of COVID-19 surge across the country. As you are aware, California State, Alameda County, and Los Angeles County governments are issuing rules about small gatherings, including holiday gatherings, which we must comply with.

So from now through New Year’s, we’ll be sharing ideas about ways to enjoy this special time of year while keeping ourselves, our families, and communities safe and healthy. Each week, we’ll send out a new idea to make your life simpler—and your celebrations special. 

Week 2: Gather Up Greetings!

Try this group project to feel together, even if you’re apart

This one’s great for extended families and friends who can’t be together in person and want an easy way to feel more connected.

Here’s how it works: Everyone in the extended family submits a greeting to the rest of the family—it can be a photo, a video, or a written note. The greetings are due the night before Thanksgiving or another holiday you’re celebrating. Get creative! Kids can draw pictures. Grandparents can write about a favorite holiday memory. Each household can stage a goofy photo or record a video overview of the year’s highlights.

Then, the day of the holiday, every part of the family can have a special moment of looking through everyone’s greetings. Use an online platform like kudoboard.com to collect them all in one place—or if it’s simpler, just attach them all in one long email thread. Who knows? You may decide the keep this virtual tradition going for years to come.

We’ll be back next week with your next tip. Till then, have a healthy and happy week!

Other Resources for Staying Healthy

State and local governments are issuing rules for gatherings, and we should abide by them.  For official guidance about staying healthy this holiday season, please visit these sites to stay up-to-date:

For the latest news about the Masonic Homes and COVID-19, including employee policies, visit the Masonic Homes website.

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