Shared Housing for MOS Seniors

On the campus of the Covina Masonic Home, renovations will begin in early 2017 on two of the houses from the former children’s residential program. When the program concluded in 2009, several of the family houses went unused.

Under Roadmap 2020, two of these spacious homes are being remodeled and repurposed for shared senior housing, suited to those with independent and ambulatory lifestyles. After the remodel is complete, each house will feature seven private units – each with at least one bedroom and private bathroom, and several with a sitting room – plus common kitchen areas, living spaces, pantry, laundry room, patio, and garage. The remodel will also make the homes more senior-friendly and ADA-compliant, adding an elevator in each and other safety features.

The houses are set to open later this year, welcoming new fraternal family to the Covina campus. In particular, the shared housing is being developed for senior Masonic Outreach Services clients who are on the wait list to move into the Masonic Homes, and in the interim, need temporary, affordable housing. Many of the amenities offered by the Covina Home, from the fitness center to the library, will be available to them.

“Now we can bring these individuals on campus to live with their fraternal family,” says Gary Charland, executive vice president of the Masonic Homes. “It’s an ideal solution for our independent brethren and widows needing an affordable place to call home.”


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