Frequently asked questions and their answers regarding Masonic Senior Outreach

What is the purpose of Masonic Senior Outreach?
Masonic Senior Outreach, a program of the Masonic Homes of California, provides our fraternal family access to the services and resources they need to stay healthy and safe in their homes or home communities. Senior Outreach is direct relief, one of the oldest forms of Masonic charity, provided on behalf of every California Mason.

What are the application criteria for Senior Outreach services?  
Information and referral assistance for senior services is available to any California fraternal family member. Application is not required.

To be eligible for care management and/or financial support, applicants must be 60 years or older and:

  • a California Master Mason in good standing for five consecutive years;
  • the wife or widow of an eligible California Master Mason; or
  • in extraordinary circumstances, the mother of an eligible Master Mason (financial information may be requested from the Mason son of the applicant).

Applicants must also:

  • demonstrate financial need and limited debt;
  • receive all community, state, and federal benefits to which they are entitled; and
  • not require skilled nursing services or care in a home-based setting that exceeds 21 hours per week (some financial assistance is available for care in a licensed assisted living facility).

We do not need financial assistance. What other services are provided?
Besides financial assistance, Masonic Senior Outreach provides information and referrals to senior services in a member’s community and care management services. The information and referral service identifies community-based senior services and resources throughout California. Ongoing care management is available at no cost for those with a demonstrated need. A care manager maintains a regular schedule of visits and telephone contact that is based on the client’s living and family situation. During each visit, the care manager assesses the client’s financial situation and health or mental condition for changes.

How long does the Senior Outreach application process take? How will I be notified about the status or outcome of my application?
The time varies according to the applicant’s circumstances and the timely submission of all requested documents. Once a completed Physician’s Report and Financial Summary is submitted, the review process can begin and supporting documents can be requested. Notification is made by telephone and letter.

Do I have to provide my Social Security number on the application form? 

Do I have to repay any financial assistance I receive? How do I facilitate repayment?
Senior Outreach clients who receive financial assistance are required to sign an Agreement to Repay, which states that when the client no longer receives assistance, all or a portion of the amount expended will be repaid if the client has the financial means to do so. This financial assistance is structured as a loan so the income does not deprive the client of eligibility for other support.

Do I have to sign over my home to the Masonic Home in exchange for Senior Outreach services?
Upon approval of your application for Senior Outreach services, you must agree to provide information about your home, mobile home, and/or car to meet the requirements of the Agreement to Repay. If you own real property, the Agreement to Repay must be secured by a Deed of Trust or Secured Interest on that property. Applicants must provide information about all resources, including life insurance policies, investments, and bonds, as all resources will need to be accessed to facilitate care.

What are some reasons an application may not be approved?
Incomplete paperwork, such as a lack of documentation regarding financial need and current circumstances, or an unsigned form are two reasons. If an applicant has transferred any financial resources or property to family or friends, he or she could be rendered ineligible for financial assistance.

Can I appeal the decision if my application is not approved?
You may submit a written statement as to why you believe Senior Outreach services are needed and/or request a meeting with the program manager to discuss the disapproval.