Lodge Outreach Training Coordinator Binder

Disclaimer: Welcome to the latest edition of your Lodge Outreach Training Coordinator (LO TC) binder! For any previous paper version LO TC binders, please disregard those because of the outdated information. Moving forward, your LO TC binder will be located and available here with the latest information. For information on how to navigate the LO TC binder, please scroll below.
  • For the Table of Contents: You can click each blue section that will take you to the direct page. When your cursor hovers over the blue section, it will also display the page # it is located at. You can always return to this section by clicking the green button labeled Back to Table of Contents located above.
  • Full Screen View: You can find this on the right corner as the 4-arrow icon. This allows you to maximize the LO TC Binder to full screen view on your electronic device.
  • Search Engine: You can find this on the right corner as the magnifying glass icon
  • Once you click magnifying glass icon, the Search engine will pop-up in center. You will then type next to the magnifying glass, what section you are trying to view ex. Lodge Outreach, Shared Housing, etc.
  • Download and Print: To download and print, the only option is to download the entire LO TC binder. Unfortunately, there is no option to download specific sections of the LO TC binder. You can click the arrow down icon located on the right. Then your browser should download the LO TC binder, ready for you to access and print out.
  • Zoom In: To make the font appear bigger in the document you are viewing, you can use the Zoom in feature. This is located as the + icon in the center, when easily click the + icon to adjust your view preference. Another way to Zoom in is by dragging the white circle icon to the + icon.
  • Grid View: To view a snapshot of the LO TC binder, you can use the Grid view feature. This is the 4 square icon located in the center.
  • After you click the 4 square icon, it will give you the Grid View of the LO TC Binder with the assigned page numbers.